New Construction

                            New Construction

                            WESCO Lighting’s many years of industry experience include a special focus on new construction projects. They also include a special understanding and insight into the unique needs and pressures of our new construction customers.

                            A Partner You Can Rely On

                            WESCO employs a multi-layer approach towards construction projects which begins with local sales reps, lighting quotes teams, and project managers who engage local agency relationships. Our sales and district leaders provide guidance and enlist support from our national construction lighting team. This group is also supported behind the scenes by a lighting category team engaged in facilitating manufacturer relationships. Ultimately our solutions are delivered by a branch network and logistics process that strategically manages the release of product for the project.

                            • Branches across North America
                            • Full range of services and solutions
                            • Dedicated point of contact and customer support team
                            • 100 years of experience
                            • Advanced technology

                            Key Value-Added Services

                            Scope Development

                            Budgetary assistance, product specification review, equal alternate identification, and value engineered product options assist contractors in competitive bids to secure projects.

                            Project Management

                            Material integration plans built in accordance with project durations and milestones to facilitate Just-In-Time delivery in transportable material carts to the point of installation maximizes jobsite efficiency and profitability for all parties.

                            Operational Execution

                            Consistent, coordinated, communicated status and delivery of project to projects with complete visibility electronically as outlined in our Stage and Store Lighting video.


                            WESCO Lighting develops a customized plan based on the specific needs and situation of each customer. In developing it, a thoughtful and proven process is followed.

                            Project Management

                            Sourcing and Procurement

                            • Direct spend sourcing – poles, fixtures, control, assemblies
                            • PO execution
                            • System integration
                            • eProcurement tools


                            • Order and shipment tracking
                            • Shortage reports
                            • Expedited freight evaluation
                            • Need date management

                            Transaction Management

                            • Invoice automation and processing
                            • Mismatch resolution
                            • Receivables processing
                            • Cash reconciliation
                            • Supplier payment
                            • Metrics and reporting

                            Operational Execution

                            Warehouse Operations

                            • Warehouse and marshaling yard management
                            • Lean warehousing
                            • Kitting
                            • Cross-docking
                            • Inbound freight management – WESCO and owner furnished


                            • Logistics management
                            • Route optimization
                            • Shipment consolidation
                            • Delivery and back-haul
                            • Job site deliveries

                            Scope Development

                            Value Engineering

                            • Bill of materials validation and development
                            • Alternate substitution
                            • Alternate application
                            • Structural coordination

                            Commercial Review

                            • Price and lead-time evaluation
                            • Technical clarifications
                            • Manufacturer commercial review

                            Let WESCO be your partner for lighting your projects. Contact us to get started.

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